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Frequently Asked Questions


We are open Monday through Sunday, 7 days a week, from 8am to 10:00pm. Last load in at 8:30pm please!

Follow our signage or ask our attendant for help.

Yes! Purchase a preloaded laundry card from our attendant. Each time you reload the card using cash or your credit card, receive bonus laundry bucks to be used for wash or dry!

Commercial Laundry

Drop off your first order and an account is created for you. We'll swipe your credit card which can be used for this and any future orders.

Wash & Fold

Hanging items such as shirts, blouses and slacks are hung and protected by a plastic garment bag. Everything else is folded and packaged.

Yes. Colors are washed separately from whites. We can add your favorite laundry booster at your request.

Yes. Let our attendant know and we can add general notes to your account so you get your laundry the way you like it, every time. Extra wash, rinse, laundry boosters, hypoallergenic soap, starch, etc. can be specified.