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My favorite laundry‼️
I give them the dirtiest/stinky laundry & it comes back to me beautifully clean and good smelling in a package ready to place in my closets & drawers.
The best Laundry in SLO county.

I really recommended this place, staff it's very friendly,
And professional. Equipment and store always clean.

Very nice laundromat and lovely helpful workers one who offered to pay for my dryer just because I left my wallet in the car, good prices highly recommend!!

I could not be happier with Lucky Oak Laundromat. I was drowning in laundry due to a long camping trip, a puppy, kids, the whole kit n kaboodle. We dropped off a ton of laundry and had delivered back to us, beautifully folded... stains that I have never been able to get out are gone. They are friendly, professional people and to top it off, they are very affordable! I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone I know. Next time I'm in laundry trouble, I know who to call. Thank you guys!

Best laundromat in north county! Clean, affordable, and awesome staff. Good good good.

Good variety of machines and reasonably priced. very clean and they have convenient hours. I'll definitely be back soon!

Lucky Oak Laundry is saving me! We bought a house that didn't have a washer and dryer. I saved up for a new new set, ordered it, and then the COVID reality set in. I've been waiting for months for them to arrive (it's always just 3 weeks out! every time I call) I ordered to arrive; at this point it's a matter of stubbornness. I want the ones I chose, darn it! I hunted online and found Lucky Oak. With kids and home schooling and work and living in the country, I don't have time to add going to the laundromat to the mix. Amazingly, thankfully, gloriously, LO drives to the boonies to pick up, wash, fold/hang, and return our family of four's endlessly dirty clothes. Given that they have commercial washers, I've sent all of our blankets to be washed (those are an extra cost, but I'll never get them this clean, even with my Unicorn set that might arrive next Halloween) and they've turned out great. Nothing has been damaged. I've called with changes and the team has adjusted my order. I've written notes on my preferences (e.g. cold water wash for darks, etc) and LO adapts just great. We would be a disheveled mess without them and I can't thank them enough. Hopefully I'll only be using LO for three more weeks.

The best and friendliest staff. I have accidentally left my laundry overnight and when I pick it up the following day it is always folded perfectly. The facility is clean and offers plenty of washers and dryers that are in great condition. Also, it helps that there is free wi-fi so I can get my work done while I am doing laundry. The attendant today informed me that they offer a laundry delivery service, everything is included. I am definitely trying that service the next time I need my laundry done. Keep up the good work!